CLC Training

What Participants Have to Say About the Lactation Counselor Training Course

"This was an EXCELLENT training. The "tag-team" approach plus visual aids, anecdotes, never boring. Thank you! This info is so helpful for me and will be put into good use starting Monday morning."

"This was the best program I ever attended."

"I learned so, so, so much! I feel like Karin and Cindy adjusted the prescription in my glasses! I can’t wait to go back to work. I will use what I learned every day in my work as a LDRP RN and private in home CLC.  Best spent 40 hrs in my career!"

"[This class] gave me the knowledge and skills that will assist me in helping support breastfeeding moms and babies in the community. I will use the information to promote breastfeeding with my clients who have chosen breastfeeding so that they may be successful."

"[The CLC course] made me understand how profound breastfeeding is. I feel I know much, much more about the benefits of it.  I will use the valuable information, first of all for my personal life and use it to in my daily practice as a nutritionist."

"Your teaching styles and personal interactions were wonderful! This has been the best week long intensive class! Great job!"

"Thank you for coming here to teach us. This is such an important issue that many people have never thought about. I know so much more now so that I can help people. Thanks!"

"I learned to much about breastfeeding I wish I could have another baby to nurse again!"

"It has given me a better understanding of breastfeeding and the truths and myths. It has opened my eyes to the benefits to bring back to my patients who take my classes. I will add it to my core curriculum of child birth education and take it back to the L&D floor. "

"I loved this training. I am very knowledgeable on this subject now and looking forward to breastfeeding my own children some day and promoting it in the clinic and throughout our county. Thank you!

"Everyone was very nice and helpful!"

"I love my job as a nurse but I’ll love my job more now with this knowledge because I can give it back to my moms now! and watch their babies benefit!"

"The instructors know everything! It was a great experience. All nutritionists from WIC should attend."

"Excellent training – the videos and groups were so useful."

"I thought the class was EXCELLENT – good pace, plenty of time for comments and questions; lots of information but all appropriate."

"I thoroughly enjoyed learning and unlearning. The overall process was fantastic and fun."

"I really enjoyed this course. Very, very knowledgeable instructors."

"I’ve learned so much even after a nursing practice of over 30 years – excellent course!!"

"Excellent program – it really met my goals."

"I was delighted with our instructors. You made the training fun and played off each other to make the training interesting."

"The knowledge of these Wise Women (the instructors) is so impressive. They seem to love their job – their passion and vision are very inspiring and contagious."

"Great training! I have worked in the field for 37 years and have learned so much."

"As a peer counselor being knowledgeable of what I do to help mothers give them correct information. We see patients first hand so it’s our job to educate. I will use ( the training) every day. Great training!"

"This training will help me to identify (assess) mother’s individual situations and then counsel with evidence based research to back me up. This training will also help prepare me for the IBCLC exam. Thank you for this opportunity. Even though I have nursed 3 children and have counseled many mothers, this training has fortified and expanded my knowledge base and counseling skills."

"I am a new RN and wish to learn the latest information so that I can provide correct information and support to mothers. I work in the NICU at Women & Infants. I work the night shifts when the lactation consultants are not available. Now I will be able to assess and assist breastfeeding moms, provide family centered care will help pave the way toward making my hospital Baby Friendly."

"Prior to this I thought I knew the basics of breastfeeding however after this training I realized that my previous perceptions about breastfeeding were wrong. I learned so much. By knowing more about breastfeeding I can now share the truth about breastfeeding with my clients. Great experience!"